Jail Support Training

Course Description

Want to provide support for mass movements but don’t want to or can’t take the streets yourself?

Want to be involved in supporting those who come to Cleveland to protest during the RNC next summer?

We need to build our local jail support infrastructure and community. What is jail support?

Jail Support is both tracking arrestees as they move through the arrest and arraignment process and providing comfort to arrestees when they are released. It is a way of showing solidarity with arrested activists and a way of taking care of friends and community.

You could: (1) take calls from protesters who are arrested at demonstrations and help them contact their families and jobs; (2) provide information to those arrested so they know they’re not alone and that people are on the outside fighting for them; (3) get the necessary information so that the Ohio Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and other friendly lawyers can try to get pro bono representation for folks if they are charged in relation to their protest activities; (4) provide presence and support at/outside of jails for those folks when they get out so they can have a cup of hot coffee, get a ride home, have money for a bus pass, get connected to legal representation, etc.; (5) provide ongoing support to folks in many ways, including reminding them of court dates, arranging for them to get to court if they don’t have a ride, etc.

Attend this workshop to learn how you can play a role in local jail support efforts!



Speaker Bios

Rev. Waltrina Middleton is the founder and organizer of Cleveland Action, a social justice based organization that advocates in solidarity with marginalized communities and uses its platform to raise awareness on racialized cultures of violence, including police brutality. The organization was formed in response to the killing of 12-year old Tamir Rice by Cleveland police in 2014 and a host of racialized murders by police in the city of Cleveland and nation. The organization supports legal and bail efforts in partnership with local and national organizations; hosts training and educational forums on civil disobedience and provides safe spaces and resources as needed in solidarity with organizers and activists. Middleton is among a network of Movement for Black Lives organizers which hosted its first annual gathering the summer of 2015 in Cleveland. Middleton is engaged in human rights advocacy domestically and abroad as she also partners with efforts to dismantle systems of apartheid in Israeli occupied Palestine. She is an ordained minister, poet, and social critic.
Alana Belle is a community activist and organizer from Cleveland whose primary focus is racial injustice. Her activity in the movement for Black lives began following the non-indictment of Officers Loehmann and Garmback for the murder of Tamir Rice. She is a current undergrad student at Cleveland State University pursuing her interests in Public Policy and Black Studies. Alana is passionate about organizing and looks forward to learning, growing and being a productive servant leader in her community and communities across the country.
Sarah Coffey, Detroit